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Philosophy of Nuclear Power and Energy Safety Engineering

The University of Fukui Graduate School of Engineering established Nuclear Power and Energy Safety Engineering as an independent Master’s Program in April 2004 as a forum for conducting interdisciplinary academic research on problems related to energy and nuclear power from the standpoint of safety and coexistence. As students progressed, the major was established in the Doctoral Program in April 2006. Furtuemore,starting in the 2013 academic year, the Doctoral Program was reorganized under Advanced Interdisciplinary Science and Technology in conjunction with the reorganization of the Graduate School of Engineering. As a university in Fukui Prefecture, where many nuclear power plants are located, this major will consist of practical and multidimensional education and research on various topics, including ensuring safety at nuclear power plants and in the surrounding areas, exploring symbiotic social systems,stabilizing power networks and vitalizing local industry through technology transfer.

Aims of the Nuclear Power and Energy Safety Engineering

The purpose of Nuclear Power and Energy Safety Engineering is to promote research on various issues related to nuclear power and energy based on the keywords of “safety” and “coexistence” in view of the reality of Japan’s energy circumstances, the importtant role of nuclear energy, the nuclear power enviroment, societal acceptance and the lack of nuclear engineers while at the same time developing highly skilled porofessional engineers possessing high ethics and capable of performing in the field. In particular, we will take advantage of the university’s location in Fukui Prefecture where many nuclear power plants are located and carry out practical research and education.

Composition of the Nuclear Power and Energy Safety Engineering

With the addition of the Research Institute of Nuclear Engineering in April 2009, we new have an extensive nuclear power education and ressearch system covering everything from reactor physics and reactor engineering to basic safety and energy technology and a sociology of coexistence. The current Nuclear Power and Energy Safety Engineering consists of the energy safety and symbiosis engineering field, the nuclear engineering field and collaborative lectures.

Characteristics of research and education

■Establishment of collaborative lectures

In the collaborative lectures, researchers from the Japan Atomic Energy Agency(JAEA) and the Institute of Nuclear Safety Syste,Incorporated (INSS) participate as visiting educators, and we have prepared a system by which to promote comprehensive safety engineering education and research related to nuclear power and energy.

■Role as more specialized and comprehensive education center for working people

In this major, we actively accept employees of companies, local authorities and other organizations. Out of consideration of the various circumstances of these individuals, special measures may be taken with respect to lecture time and terms.

■Active acceptance of international students

The University of Fukui has always actively accepted international students, but for this major, we promote their acceptance even moe actively to contribute to the global development of the new field of nuclear power and energy safety engineering.

■Support program for undergraduates seeking to advance to the major

In this minor course, undergraduate students can systematically learn about neclear power, enviroment, energy, engineering ethics and safety. This course allows students to build a solid foundation for the specialized students in Nuclear Power and Energy Safety Engineering.

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