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Department of Nuclear Power and Energy Safety Engineering

Special program for study

Collaborative lectures

Nuclear Powre Generation Safety Enginnering

Institute of Nuclear Safety System, Incorporated

We are engaged in research for light water nuclear power plants actually generating electricity: elucidating mechanisms and developing countermeasures forstructual materials degradation caused by corrosion an radiation, prediction of crack initiation and progression and evaluation of structual integrity, developing countermeasures for wall thinning caused by water flow and damage caused by temperature fluctuations.

Nuclear Power Plant System Safety Engineering

Japan Atomic Energy Agency

We are engaged in education and research on system design addressing system measurement and control, system operation methods, irradiation behavior of nuclear reactor fuel material, evaluation of material trol, system operation methods, irradiation behavior of nuclear reactor fuel material, evaluation of material damage, flaw detection methods, etc. while taking into account the possibility of human error to enhance nuclear power plant system safety based on experience with accidents, as well as R&D, equipment manufacturing, local installation and construction, and FBR plant operations conducted in the process of putting FBR into practical use.

Research Institute of Nuclear Engineering

EStablished in April 2009, the Research Institute of Nuclear Engineering is comprised of seven departments, namely the Basic Nuclear Engineering Department, the Fast Reactor Enginnering Department, the New Reactor Engineering Department, the Fuel Material Engineering Department, the Decommissioning Research Department, the Medical Physics and Chemistry Department and the Nuclear Disaster Prevention Department. We are engaged in the development of word-class, distinctive nuclear power human resources and R&D to contribute to the implementation of Japan’s nuclear power nation plan and to the development of a world with a sustainable energy infrastructure in harmony with nature through development of overseas human resources, primarily form Asia.

Employment information (career path after major completion)

Students completing 2011 major

Fujikin, Yamazaki Mazak, Yammar Agricultural Equipment sales(Chubu Kinki Company),Hanazawa Noen, GS Yuasa Corporation, Buffalo, Yagikuma, KEC, Toshiba, Nippon P.S, Kansai Electric Power, Sabae Seiki, Mitsubishi Corporation Power Systems, Mitsubishi Electric Plant Engineering, Takeda Design and Manufacturing, Toshiba Plant Systems & Services, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan Atomic Power Company, Japan Nuclear Fuel, Non-Destructive Inspection Company, Toyoda Gosei, Hokkaido Electric Power, Hokuriku Electric Power, Yazaki Kako

Students completing 2010 major

Ibiden, Otsu City Hall, Kansai Electric Power, Kistem, Canon IT Solutions, Nuclear Plant Service Engineering, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Takeda, NEC Software Chubu, Tsuruga City Hall, TCM, Toshiba, Japan Atomic Pwer Company, Hitachi Engineering & Services, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, NESI, Autoliv, etc.

Students completing 2009 major

Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan Atomic Power Company, Aichi Information System, Kansai Electric Power, Toyoda Iron Works, Mitsubishi Nuclear Fuel, Mitsubishi Electric(Power System Factory), Rinnai, Hitachi High-Technologies, Kinden, etc.

Students completing 2008 major

Akatsuki Industrial, MHI Aerospace Systems, Kansai Electric Power, Sanyo Electric, System Graphi, Seiren, Sony EMCS Central Japan Railway Company, Toshiba, Toyoda Gosei, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan Atomic Power Company, Non-Destructive Inspection Company, Fujisoft, Hokuriku Electric Power, etc.

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