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Department of Nuclear Power and Energy Safety Engineering

Introduction of research fields

Energy Safety and Symbiosis Engineering

We are engaged in education and research related to plant safety engineering aimed at developing basic technology for maintaining plant safety functions and performing repairs at the right time. In addition to the above, we are undertaking quantum beam applied engineering in pursuit of optical technology and laser applied technology, and radiation measurement and monitoring, as well as regional symbiosis engineering aimed at regional desaster prevention and formation of symbiotic communities,etc.


■Evaluation of thinning pipe strength and reliability

At very aged plants, declining structual strength due to material aging and corrosion is a problem. Structual soundness evaluation technology is important for solving such problems and keeping plants safe and efficient. Many piping systems are used at plants, and at very aged plants, the high-temperature, high-pressure inner fluid can cause thinning of the pipe walls. We are engaged in research on thinning pipe strength evaluation methods by clarifying the destruction mechanism through experiments and simulations to see to what degree the necessary strength can be maintained widh respect to the expected amount of thinning.

■Laser isotope separation

Technology for controlling isotope concentration is sought after in various fields as it will lead to development of materials with new properties and functions. Particulary in the field of nuclear power, it is an important technology related to uranium fuel manufacturing, development of high strength nuclear reactor materials, development of burnable poison enabling high-burnup, and radioactive waste processing technology. In this research, we aim to develop laser isotope separation technology by shining lasers with freely changeable wavelengths on various atomic beams generated in a vacuum and experimenting to see how the atomic energy state or momentum changes or performing numerical simulations using computers.

■Radiation/particle beam physics

We are engaged in research on development of nuclear power-related radiation measuring instruments and applied technology from a physics approach. In particular, development of Comption Gamma Scope for identifying gamma source position and energy, and subcritical reactor noise analysis experiments in fast reactors are of great interest as new domains in radiation measurement. Additionally, teaching staff and students coopreate and are actively engaged in double beta decay experiments and other more physics-related endeavors.

■Nuclear disaster prevention

We are engaged in investigative research on ideal training exercises for ensuring community safety and security centered on nuclear disaster prevention and the establishment of system management for improving the ability of communities to prevent disasters.

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