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Department of Nuclear Power and Energy Safety Engineering

Introduction of research fields

Nuclear Engineering

We engage in education and research related to reactor physics, reactor engineering, radiation, nuclear fuel, nuclear reactor material and other fields that serve as the basic and fundamental technology for nuclear power generation as well as decommissioning measures in the aim of improving the safety and economic efficiency of existing light water reactors and developing new reactors such as fast breeder reactors. In addition to the world’s most advanced research and education on nuclear power for the achievement of a low-carbon society, we are tackling the matters of medical use of radiation and nuclear disaster prevention engineering in the aim of achieving results that can contribute to the local society and research and development using facilities in Fukui Prefecture.


■Fast reactor R&D using Monju Nuclear Power Plant

In collaboration with the Japan Atomic Energy Agency, we utilize the Monju Nuclear Power Plant and other facilities in the Tsuruga area and engage in the following research tasks to contribute to understanding of FBR characteristics and innovation of evaluation technology:

  • Development of nuclear calculation techniques suth as multidimensional kinetics analysys and improvement of accuracy of evaluation of reactor core properties
  • Code development, transient property evaluation and control method evaluation for FBR kinetics analysis
  • Research on core flow redistribution
  • Development of inspection equipment and technology
  • Research on FBR equipment soundness evaluation

Monju Nuclear Power Plant


■Development of fuel materials

We are engaged in the following research tasks to achieve a highly reliable nuclear fuel cycle through development of high-efficiency, economical light water reactors and fast reactor fuel material:

  • Research on irradiation behavior of high-burnup light water reactor fuel and development of high-performance cladding
  • Research on properties of MA-containing fuel for fast reactors
  • Research on behavior of fast reactor structual materials and functional element materials under heavy irradiation
  • research on basic elemental technology such as lifetime evaluation and material degradation diagnosis applying laser technology

■Development of new reactors

We are engaged in the following research tasks in aims of developing next-generation reactors that use fuel enriched more than 5% and reactors with long service lives of 80 years:

  • Research on high-burnup reactor properties
  • Analysis of innovative reactor cores
  • Research on high-burnup fuel design
  • Research on improving output
  • Research on improving plant safety

Monju Nuclear Power Plant reactor model

Monju Nuclear Power Plant first critical state reactor core layout

■Decommissioning engineering research

We are engaged in the following research tasks:

  • R&D on remote dismantling technology
  • R&D on decontamination technology
  • R&D on waste recycling technology
  • Systematization of decommissioning technology through clearance level decisions

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