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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Introduction of the Department

Mechanical Engineering

 Mechanical Engineering Course offers the education and the excellent environment of researches regarding the development of machines, the improvement of performance and the manufacturing processes. The Course includes material processing, material strength, utilization of thermal energy, fluid flow system, energy conversion, measurement of mechanical system, control, dynamics, vibration, machine design, manufacturing engineering and so on. The students will have a skill of the design and the development of flexible and multifunctional machine systems with a computer-aided technology.

1. Materials Engineering

 Research interests are to elucidate the failure mechanisms of engineeringmaterials and to develop the evaluation method for strength of structures. Low-cycle fatigue strength of structures, resistance features of materials under various environments (low & high temperature, jet flow, corrosive environment) and crack driving force solution for various structures are studying. Educational objective is to bring up excellent engineers and researchers who have a sense of selecting proper materials in the structure design based on synthetic consideration on manufacturing process and maintenance of structures.

2. Thermal and Fluid System Engineering

 On the basis of thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, transportation phenomenon and energy conversion, education and research of phenomenon on heat and fluid energy are carried out. In the thermal system field, the heat transfer phenomenon which is important for energy saving is clarified, and the effective utilization of thermal energy is studied. In the fluid flow system field, the non-Newtonian fluid flow and the flow phenomenon concerning the fire are studied. In the energy conversion field, the visualization image processing and analysis of the multi-phase flow are studied.

3. System and Control Engineering

  Research and education on measurement of mechanical system, control, dynamics and vibration are carried out. In the field of measurement and control, the following research are carried out for basic theory and its application to the real system: (1)identification and control of nonlinear system, (2)recognition of 3 dimensional object by the image and (3)visual information processing and computer control of mobile robot. In the field of dynamics and vibration, the following research are carried out for basic theory and its application: (1)natural frequency analysis and frequency response of the continuum with complicated boundary conditions, (2)analysis of dynamic behaviour of vibration system with backlash and (3)vibration analysis of machine tool by finite element method.

4. Design and Manufacturing Engineering

 The research work covers the fields of machine design, production engineering and mechanical systems. In the field of the machine design, surface strength of the material and the degradation diagnosis of the sliding surface are researched to design highly accurate and reliable machine elements and machine structures. In the field of the production engineering, the inelastic behavior of materials in sheet forming and the new metal forming processes are researched. In the field of the mechanical systems, the automated systems using mechatronics techniques, the manufacturing systems and the system optimization are researched.

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