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Department of Human and Artificial Intelligent Systems

For Applicants

The objective of our department is to create intelligent system and robots by learning from nature and living organisms, and we aim to foster creative engineers.
For these aims, we prepared two courses: Advanced Intelligence and Advanced Informatics and Machinery.

Under graduate program

In four-year undergraduate course, we provide curriculum intended to provide versatility for student and allow students to make connections between separate disciplines. Beside on preparing wide varieties of subjects related to the science and engineering, we provide experiences to make programs and machineries.

Graduate programs

The two-year graduate programs provide advanced educational and research experiments in variety fields including physics, neuroscience, mechanics, electronics and computer science. Our graduate programs allow students to develop unique experience that meet individual goals.

Admissions Guide

For admission and scholarship information, please visit http://www.u-fukui.ac.jp/eng/

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