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Department of Human and Artificial Intelligent Systems

History and objectives


The Department of Human and Artificial Intelligent Systems was founded in 1999 to promote an interdisciplinary research (complex systems, robots, human brain, intelligent system, control system) and to educate students as technical experts who have profound knowledge about material science, mechanics, electronics, computer science, control system, and robotics. Therefore, the staffs work in various research fields (physics, biomechanics, mechanics, electronics, computer science) are gathered. Currently, more than sixty students enrolled in our department each year.


Basic and applied research for intelligent systems is our main subjects. We believe that the fundamental research, such as nonlinear physics, neuroscience, bring us essential progress in intelligent systems. Especially, Robotics is the one of main subjects of our department.

Our department consists of two divisions:

Advanced Intelligence

Division of Advanced Intelligence focuses on "biological systems", "complex systems", and "control systems". We conduct research on the analysis and engineering modeling of biological systems, the analysis and application of intelligence as complex systems, and the basic theories applicable for intelligent systems.

Advanced Informatics and Machinery

Division of Advanced Informatics and Machinery focuses on "intelligent systems", "information processing", "robotics", and "medical welfare engineering" We conduct research on intelligent systems that could support people by developing medical and welfare devices, intelligent robots, and intelligent calculations.

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