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Department of Human and Artificial Intelligent Systems


Undergraduate course

First-year students (freshmen)
Basic Computing, Linear Algebra I & II, Calculus I & II, Mechanics I & II, Electromagnetism I, Integrated Science and
Mathematics I & II, Introductory Academic Life Seminar, Introduction to Human and Artificial Intelligent Systems,
*Industrial Japanese I & II, *Engineering in Japan (*for overseas students).
Electronic Circuits, Computer Systems, Introduction to Life Science, Intelligence Science, Electronics,
Programming Language, Seminar on the Programming Language, Instrumentation, Basic Discrete mathematics,
Basic Mechatronics.
Second-year students (sophomores)
Applied Mathematics (Fourier and Laplace Transform), Applied Mathematics I (Differential Equation),
Electromagnetism II, Theory of Probability and Statistics, Artificial Intelligent System Engineering Laboratory I & II,
*Industrial Japanese III & IV (*for overseas students).
Digital Circuits, Medical Welfare Engineering, Signal Analysis, Neuroscience, Computer Graphics, Data Structure
and Algorithm I & II, Mechatronics, Introduction to Science and Technology, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence,
Applied Control Systems, Exercises of Drawing and CAD.
Third-year students (juniors)
Basic Scientific English, Artificial Intelligent System Engineering Laboratory III & IV.
Communication Skills in Scientific English Ⅰ & II, Expression Skills in Scientific English Ⅰ & II
Introduction to Bionics, Robot Mechanisms, Applied Artificial Intelligence, Computational Neuroscience, Modern
Control Theory, Signal Processing, Numerical Analysis, Intelligence processing theory, Image Processing, System
Dynamics, Information Systems. Human Informatics, Intelligent Control, Cognitive Information Science, Distributed
System Theory.
Fourth-year students (seniors)
Graduation Research Seminar, Graduation Research and Thesis.

Graduate courses (Master’s courses)

Special Seminar and Laboratory I & II, Project based Learning I & II

Advanced Intelligence Course

  • Seminar in Advanced Intelligence I & II,
  • Complex Systems, Human Motor Learning Theory, Dynamical Brain Information Processing, Structure of Nervous System, Nonlinear System Theory, Bio-inspired Information Processing, Advanced Biological Systems, Biological Information

Advanced Informatics and Machinery Course

  • Seminar in Advanced Informatics and Machinery I & II,
  • Advanced Bionics, Biomechanics, Optimal Movement Planning, Advanced Knowledge Information Engineering,Intelligent Interface, Digital Control Theory, Mobility and Intelligence, Machine Leaning,Language Processing Theory,

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