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Introducing faculty
(alphabetical order)

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Ayato Honma Concrete engineering (high-strength concrete, highly fluid concrete, recycled concrete)
e-mail: hommer@
Hidekazu Shirai History of architectural philosophy in modern and contemporary France and Italy
e-mail: hidekazu@
Katsumi Kobayashi Structural performance evaluation and design of building
e-mail: katsumik@
Keigo Suzuki Soundness monitoring of landmark architectures, Non-destructive inspection of steel structures
e-mail: suzuki-k@
Keiichi Inoue  Structural performance of steel buildings, Vibration analysis of buildings
e-mail: keiichi@
Keisuke Kojima Earthquake engineering (Elucidation of dynamic ground structure, Prediction of earthquake damage)
e-mail: k_kojima@
Koichiro Ishikawa Load bearing capacity and earthquake resistant capacity of building structure and space frame
e-mail: ishikawa@
Masato Iso Dynamics performance and earthquake response property of various concrete structures, Earthquake-resistant diagnosis, and anti-seismic reinforcement of ferroconcrete structures
e-mail: iso@
Satoshi Matsushita Human behavior in architecture space, Facility management
e-mail: sat@
Shinji Nojima Urban design, City planning
e-mail: nojima@
Shinji Yoshida Air environment, Thermal environment, Urban climate
e-mail: y-shinji@
Taizo Kobayashi Technology of ground survey, Modeling and stability evaluation of ground behavior, Ground disaster prevention and reduction technologies
e-mail: tkoba@
Takeshi Takashima History of Japanese modern architecture, Design of architecture
e-mail: takatake@
Teruyuki Fukuhara Heat, moisture, and mass transfer in evaporation and drying processes in porous media, Prevention of snow melting and freezing on the road surface by heat storage over seasons
e-mail: teruyuki@
Yukio Akashi Light environment, illumination, and color
e-mail: akashi@
Yoji Kawakami Regional and urban planning, Regional transportation planning
e-mail: yoji@
Yoko Harada Residential planning, Environmental design
e-mail: y-harada@
Yoshimi Kawamoto Planning of urban traffic
e-mail: yoshimi@
Yoshinobu Kikuchi Housing, Planning of dwelling environment
e-mail: ykikuchi@

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