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Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

建築建設工学科、Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering Engineering

Graduates are accredited by JABEE starting with the 2007 academic year.

Introduction of our department

【History of the department】

We have worked diligently to construct our Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering Engineering as unimpeded by a boundary separating “architectonics” and “civil engineering.”

The former Department of Architecture, founded in 1923, and the former Department of Construction Engineering, which was founded in 1968 for the integration of architectonics and civil engineering, were unified in 1989 to form the Department of Environment Design. It later changed its name to the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering Engineering in 1999.

【Philosophy of our department】

The specialized fields of our department cover those of natural science to clarify the characteristics of the great variety of elements constituting environment in quest of strength to resist natural forces of such as earthquakes, typhoons, flooding, and heavy snowfall, and in quest of an environment that can satisfy human physiological and psychological desires.

Our fields include humanities and social sciences to elucidate mechanisms of human life and environmental development running through issues of interaction between environment and society. The fields of planning, layout, construction and design investigation theory, and method exist to realize environment.

Consequently, at our department, we are engaged in the research and education of engineers for earth space construction that contribute to the development and harmonious coexistence of human relations and local community.

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